If the question “What can you buy with Bitcoin?” is on your mind, you are certainly not alone. While it is true that most still don’t rely on it as a means of payment, Bitcoin was designed to and absolutely can be used as a proper currency. Yet, the fact that it is undeniably the most famous crypto asset in the world has not allowed it to become quite that mainstream yet, or so it would seem! The reality might surprise you.

Let us take a look at what you can actually buy with the digital gold known as Bitcoin.


Can I buy a car with Bitcoin?


Because 1 BTC is currently worth a lot of money, many people who ask: “What can you buy with Bitcoin?” assume that it’s a currency made for big purchases … and they would not be wrong. It is entirely possible to purchase a car – or indeed practically anything else – with Bitcoin, so long as the seller accepts it.

Several car dealers in the U.S. (just under 30 of them) are open to it, and one in Houston, Texas, even sold a Bentley that way. In many countries, there are no restrictions to using Bitcoin to pay for a car, second hand or new, from a legal standpoint. However, no one is under any obligation to accept cryptocurrencies. For the moment, purchases in Bitcoin are therefore very much a case by case affair. For instance, purchasing a vehicle directly from Tesla or BMW using Bitcoin is entirely possible, while other manufacturers refuse it categorically.


Does Amazon accept Bitcoin?


The short answer is “No”. However, if you are wondering: “What can you buy with Bitcoin on Amazon?”, then the answer is “Pretty much anything you like”. While the giant Amazon doesn’t support Bitcoin payments, it does accept gift cards, which may be purchased using Bitcoin. The process is certainly not as seamless as it would be if the biggest retailer on the planet allowed its customers to make purchases using crypto directly, but the solution certainly works. There are even browser extensions available to make this feature a reality for those who would rather not use gift cards.


Who does accept Bitcoin?


At this point, so many businesses and organizations accept payments in Bitcoin that instead of asking: “What can you buy with Bitcoin?”, it would be quicker to figure out what you can’t buy with Bitcoin. Many important companies are now starting to appreciate the benefits of giving their customers the possibility to choose Bitcoin as a method of payment.

One of the main advantages of Bitcoin is that it allows you to purchase any other cryptocurrency you may think of. While more traditional means of payment are now accepted by some of the major online places where you can buy crypto assets (Bitit being a particularly convenient and reliable one), some cryptos are still too obscure to be that widely available. If you are interested in buying any of those, then Bitcoin is actually your best bet!

In the food industry, brick-and-mortar locations that accept Bitcoin are flourishing. This is the case for a Subway franchise in Buenos Aires or Eat Me Bangkok, one of the best restaurants in Asia. Even some major universities such as the University of Cumbria, King’s College in New York or the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin welcome Bitcoin payments.

Many small businesses are also adopting point-of-sale apps, such as Bitcoin Cash Register, to support digital payments seamlessly. Customers with a Bitcoin wallet can simply use their phone to validate transactions.


Can Bitcoin be converted to Cash?


There exist two main cash out methods for Bitcoin. Your choice may depend on how costly these options are, on where you want to receive your money (PayPal, bank account), on how long you are willing to wait and on which fiat currency you wish to convert Bitcoin into.

The first method consists in simply selling your Bitcoin via a dedicated platform (through Bitit, for instance). You will then receive your payment in the fiat currency of your choice.

Peer-to-peer solutions do exist, and they are the second option. You could even arrange to meet in person and exchange your BTC for actual cash … but be aware that fraudsters can be difficult to recognize.


What can you buy with crypto?


What can you buy with Bitcoin, exactly? Absolutely anything! From gift cards (which allow you to then spend your money on practically whatever you like) to home goods, to real estate, food, pharmaceuticals, vehicles, luxury goods, hotel bookings, plane tickets…

The question is no longer whether you can buy something with Bitcoin, but where you can get it from.


Where can you spend cryptocurrency?


If you are based in North America, paying for your theater tickets using Bitcoin is an option, as is ordering pizza. Even some bars in Australia and Russia accept this cryptocurrency. Sometimes, the most unexpected places support Bitcoin, such as some art galleries, casinos and even vending machines!

Arguably, the best place to spend your Bitcoin remains online stores and platforms, though. The Internet is where digital currencies are right at home, thanks to their dematerialized nature. Which does not mean you can only purchase dematerialized goods or services! Of course, Bitcoin lends itself to digital platforms (such as Microsoft’s Xbox store).


Online shops that accept Bitcoin (list)


Given that cryptocurrencies are entirely digital, it is as a means of online payment that they are probably most relevant. So, what can you buy with Bitcoin online, exactly?

A lot, as it turns out! So much, in fact, that you could likely purchase just about anything you might think of. While physical stores that accept Bitcoin may sometimes seem to cultivate a certain hype, on the web, nothing could feel more natural. Some stores have even implemented a Bitcoin only policy (though these typically sell Bitcoin-related items and services).

Many of the famous websites you know and love already allow you to pay in Bitcoin. Here is a list of some of the most prominent examples.

  1. Microsoft

Specifically, the Windows App Store and the Xbox store, where you can purchase games, software and apps.

  1. Expedia

What can you buy with Bitcoin? A vacation with the well-known travel booking agency.

  1. Shopify

Set up your own e-commerce thanks to the world-renowned platform.

  1. Planet Express

The U.S. mail forwarding service for expats.

  1. Overstock

One of the first major online retailers selling a variety of electronics and home-related products to have accepted Bitcoin, back in 2014.

  1. eGifter

An online store where you can purchase gift cards from stores you wish to shop at that don’t support Bitcoin, such as Amazon, Sephora or Home Depot.

  1. Newegg

One of the biggest retail companies specializing in electronics.

  1. CheapAir

American flight booking service.

  1. PizzaForCoins

Acts as an intermediary between you and your favorite pizza place so you can order in BTC!

  1. Gyft

Another online gift card service which supports many retailers including Whole Foods and Hotels.com.

  1. Reeds Jewelers

U.S.-based chain of fine jewelers where you can purchase anything jewelry-related.

  1. More Stamps Global

Book your flights, hotel rooms, car rentals and more for your next vacation.

  1. AT&T

The telecommunication giant accepts Bitcoin payments for your phone bills!

  1. Dish

Subscription-based and pay-per-view satellite television and Internet service provider.

  1. Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access

These VPN providers enhance your online anonymity.

  1. Etsy

Sellers on the vintage and hand-made items selling platform are allowed to accept Bitcoin as payment.

  1. NameCheap

Domain names and hosting.

  1. Long Player, Tradebit, Bittunes

Enjoy downloading all the music you love and paying for it using Bitcoin.

  1. OkCupid.com, Luxy.com

Online dating sites that accept your favorite digital currency.

  1. Zynga

The mobile gaming giant lets you use Bitcoin for your in-app purchases.

  1. PlayStation Network

Much like Xbox, PlayStation accepts Bitcoin for game purchases, subscriptions and more.

  1. Big Fish Games

Casual gaming company.

  1. Fiverr

Software and web development and other freelance services under one large marketplace.

  1. 8BitVape

Most well-known online vape store in the U.S. and UK.

  1. Eyeboot

High-end electronics

  1. Reddit BitMarket

Auction site.

  1. FX Choice

MT4 and MT5 trading platform broker.

  1. InstaForex

Award-winning forex broker.

  1. TigerDirect

Canadian online electronic shop.

  1. KFC Canada

Online orders from the world-famous restaurant chain may be paid for using Bitcoin.