Since the launch of Bitit we have always been driven by one mission: Accessibility.

We work every day to make Bitit simple and useful, without the need to read a giant FAQ.

We’ve always been focused on letting you acquire the leading crypto-assets in just a few minutes, with your preferred payment method and home currency.

Now we’re happy to announce that you can not just buy easily using Bitit but starting today you can also sell your crypto holdings. 🥳

Upon receipt of your crypto-assets we will directly send your funds right into your Bitit EUR Wallet within 24h. So please make sure to open your Bitit EUR Wallet before selling!

Once your EUR Wallet has been credited, you’ll be able to withdraw your funds at any time by sending them to your SEPA-supported bank account or to simply re-purchase crypto-assets on Bitit.

The advantages of the Sell feature:

  • Cash out your crypto holdings for EURO at any time
  • No limits on how much you can sell
  • Low fees, just 0.25% for each Sell order
  • Simple user interface

The introduction of the Sell feature is an important step to accomplishing our mission of providing an all-in-one access to crypto-assets and traditional currencies. In the coming months we plan to support more crypto-assets and the ability to hold more traditional currencies on Bitit.

Meanwhile you can already start selling Bitcoin & Ethereum today!


The Bitit Team