At Bitit, we’re always looking for ways to make life easier for our customers looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. We think we provide one of the best user experiences out there, and try to find new ways everyday to push that envelope even further.

That’s why we’re happy to announce our new EUR Wallet feature, which will let customers of the 35 SEPA-supported European Union & Nations deposit EUR into their Bitit wallet for use towards crypto purchases.

Upon transferring fiat currency to their Bitit wallet, either by sending money from their bank account via SEPA transfer or by selling digital currencies (coming soon), European customers will see their money credited to their Bitit EUR Wallet which can then be stored safely and securely in their Bitit accounts or traded 24/7 for one of our many crypto-asset offerings. Non-European customers also have the ability to create their Bitit EUR Wallet, although there are some particular requirements for them (click here to learn more).

By opening your EUR Wallet, you’ll also get instant access to an individual and unique EUR IBAN in your name.

Yes, that’s right! By using Bitit you’ll get your own personalized IBAN, because while using exchanges has been the “easiest” way to buy cryptocurrencies, it’s still not that easy. Most exchanges ask you to add a reference number on your deposit — which can be clearly confusing. Not anymore — with the Bitit EUR Wallet you just need to add your unique IBAN and BIC on your banking interface and that’s it, your EUR Wallet will be topped up automatically as soon as the money arrives.

Many advantages

  • You can use your balance at anytime and when you consider it appropriate. You decide what amount, what currency and at what time to buy. You will no longer have to make a new transfer for each purchase you make.
  • There is no balance limit. You can make as many deposits & withdrawals as you wish.
  • You can make purchases of up to € 30,000 each day and more. Your EUR Wallet is ideal if you need to make high volume purchases.
  • Using the EUR Wallet will cost you only 0.25% per trade and 0.15% for deposits & withdrawals (minimum €3)

“Europe is our main market, and we’ve been asked so many times for the ability to hold traditional currencies with Bitit. Now we’re giving investors that opportunity.” — Nicolas Katan, founder and CEO of Bitit.

We’ve heard for years from users frustrated about not being able to buy more Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of limits.

Until now, the maximum a user could purchase during one day or one week was €1500, and it had to be bought by credit card.

Starting today, users who have their EUR Wallet set up will have unlimited deposits and withdrawals, and can buy up to €30,000 per week, whether it’s all bought on one day or in multiple purchases throughout the week. €30,000 is not enough? That’s ok, once your account is verified further your buying limits can be increased at anytime. While the current payment methods system works well for some of our customers who wish to buy easily by credit card, we understand that some of you want to trade bigger amounts, and now with lower fees, since making a buy order using the EUR Wallet will cost you only 0.25% per trade instead of 3.9 % by credit card.

What’s next?

This is only the beginning! We are going to start rolling out new fiat currencies to fund your Bitit account with GBP, CHF and more! And once we add the much-requested “Sell” feature where you will be able to sell your crypto-assets right into your EUR wallet, you’ll be ready to rebuy or simply withdraw your funds at any time.

But already today the Bitit EUR Wallet will help you buy the amount of crypto that you want, anytime, anywhere, with higher limits, lower fees, with more speed and more autonomy!

Start funding your Bitit Account today! 🤘

From Paris with Love,

The Bitit Team