As our user base has become more and more international, we want to keep expanding the number of FIAT currencies that Bitit supports.

With Bitit, you can now buy Bitcoin and Ether alongside these 14 fiat currencies from around the world:

EUR: Euro

USD: US Dollar

GBP: British Pound

CNY: Chinese Yuan Renminbi

CAD: Canadian Dollar

SEK: Swedish Krona

NOK: Norwegian krone

DKK: Danish krone

KRW: South Korean Won

TRY: Turkish Lira

SGD: Singapore Dollar

HKD: Hong Kong Dollar

JPY: Japanese Yen

AUD: Australian Dollar

By supporting 14 currencies, you’ll avoid currency conversions -which can bring another 5% fee on top of market exchange rates. Indeed, if the charge currency (EUR) differs from the customer’s credit card currency (KRW), you may be charged a foreign exchange fee by your credit card company/or bank.

To switch to your own currency, simply choose your selected currency from the drop-down menu in the right-hand panel of the Bitit Homepage or directly on your Account.

With this change, you can easily tailor your needs depending of your location — no matter who you are, no matter where you are.

From Paris with love,

The Bitit Team