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Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with cash near you

Neosurf and Cashlib prepaid vouchers are available at 150,000 points of sale.

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Buy Bitcoin with cash just as easily as buying a magazine

Got a Neosurf or Cashlib prepaid voucher? Redeem it into Bitcoin (BTC) today.

Why buy Bitcoin (BTC) with cash using Neosurf and Cashlib?

Neosurf and Cashlib vouchers are available at many outlets around the world. To find the nearest reseller use our map and enter your location. Pay by cash or credit card for amounts ranging from €25 to €250. You will receive a receipt with a code - keep it safe because it is ready to be redeemed into Bitcoin!

The face value of Neosurf & Cashlib prepaid cash vouchers remains stable until you redeem it into Bitcoin.

No card or bank account required. By using Neosurf or Cashlib you'll never need to expose your credit card or bank account data. Protect yourself against online fraud. Just go to one of our 150,000 local stores and ask your cashier for the coupon of your choice, then redeem it into Bitcoin (BTC) on Bitit.

Can I buy cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (BTC) with Neosurf and Cashlib?

Yes! You can buy Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) et Litecoin (LTC) as well as a wide selection of other cryptocurrencies with Neosurf and Cashlib!

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with cash using Neosurf and Cashlib?

With Bitit, you can buy Bitcoin using cash at a location near you, in 150,000 local stores around the world.

1) Find the nearest local store to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Neosurf and Cashlib using our interactive map.
2) Ask the salesperson for a Neosurf or Cashlib voucher.
3) Go to Bitit, select Bitcoin (BTC), add the amount of your choice and add your Bitcoin wallet address.
4) You will be redirected to the Neosurf or Cashlib payment page. Add the code from your prepaid voucher.
5) Upon confirmation of your voucher code, Bitcoin will automatically be sent to your wallet.

Why should you buy Bitcoin (BTC) with cash using Neosurf and Cashlib rather than buying Bitcoin with a credit card?

Bitcoin's exchange rate has been quite volatile, and buying a Neosurf or Cashlib prepaid voucher brings you full control of the exchange rate, as Neosurf & Cashlib Bitit prepaid vouchers are denominated in euros.

The stored funds can be redeemed into Bitcoins on the Bitit platform. This way, Bitit maintains the exact value of your voucher until you decide to redeem it into Bitcoins.

Neosurf and Cashlib coupons allow you to discover and buy Bitcoin (BTC) at your own pace. After you purchase the Neosurf or Cashlib coupon, you can take your time with getting set up, and then redeem it whenever you're ready.

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